What’s in My Food??

Everyone loves food, until they know what those long multi-syllabic words under “ingredients” really are and the impact they have on their health in the long-run.

Since when does cake require four dozen ingredients instead of simply flour, eggs, oil, sugar, vanilla, and baking powder?

Since when does bread consist of things like “potassium sorbate”? Is that a fancy name for flour? Perhaps the water? Yeast?… No!

Since when does our dairy contain hormones, antibiotics, and drugs that eventually harm us?

Chemicals are even creeping up in your fruits and vegetables, pasta sauce, crackers, salad dressings, and breakfast cereal!  Unless you’re reading your ingredient lists,well you’re feeding your family a lot more than you think!

Don’t be scammed by “low-fat”  or “low-sugar”  or even “whole wheat” on the front of packages!


This is one of the things I assist my clients with on their journey to better health and happiness; developing skills to become more aware of our food system, and to avoid health claims on packages masquerading as scientific research. My clients come to learn that they truly can heal their symptoms from within by the simple goals and steps we put forth together.

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