Noor’s RAINBOW Mango Salad

Noor’s Rainbow Mango Salad

 Warning: this salad is extremely high in benefits.

They say “eat the rainbow,” and we (Holistic Health Coaches) say “eat THE rainbow,” but mean an incredibly different rainbow. 🙂 


Noor's Rainbow Mango Salad

Noor’s Rainbow Mango Salad


So, here I introduce my rainbow salad. It’s full of health benefits A to Z.

Mangos are not only a tasty fruit, they have remarkable benefits. Among them are Vitamin C, Vitamin A, folate and B Vitamins. Mangos are great for healthy skin, bone health, has cancer preventative benefits, beta-carotene, and dietary fiber- which aids in digestion and heart health. What more can you want from something that tastes so sweet and luscious?

Mangos are on the clean 15 list, meaning they are low in pesticides. This means you don’t need to worry about buying organic mangos. Just make sure you let them ripen so they can be wholly sweet.

I can go on and on about the benefits of the organic bell peppers, the organic parsley, tomato, organic greens, blueberries (in the homemade dressing I made) cucumbers, avocadoes and mushrooms.

This is like an anti-cancer, high healthy fat, high fiber, Vitamin A, K, C, B and flavonoids super salad. It’s high in photochemical and good for you antioxidants.  The raw walnuts I toss on top not only add flavor and a crunch. They give the salad a boost of omega-3 fatty acids which we all need to get from food.


Now you tell me, would you rather eat my rainbow, or the popularly advertised candy “the rainbow”?


4 cups organic greens

2 cucumbers

1 organic yellow bell pepper

1 organic orange bell pepper

1 medium tomato

1 bunch organic parsley

2 organic avocadoes, ripen

8 small white button mushrooms

Raw walnuts for topping

My homemade clean-eat blueberry dressing



  1. Place the organic greens in a serving bowl.
  2. Wash and cut the bell peppers into small cubes. Place color coded atop the greens.
  3. Wash and peel the cucumbers. Cut slices and place next to the peppers, atop the greens.
  4. Wash and chop the tomato and place it in the middle of the plate, atop the greens.
  5. Chop the parsley and place it atop the tomatoes.
  6. Pit and cut the avocadoes into cubes and place atop the greens, near the peppers.
  7. Wash and sliced the mushroom and place atop the greens. You get the picture now. 🙂 
  8. Serve with my homemade, clean-eat blueberry dressing. (Recipe to come later!)
  9. Top with raw walnuts for optimum benefits and a mouth-watering crunch.  
    Veggie Party

    Veggie Party


    Noor's Mango Rainbow Salad

    Noor’s Mango Rainbow Salad


  10. With my clean -eat blueberry dressing and RAW Walnuts.

    With my clean-eat blueberry dressing and RAW Walnuts.

Tea Please

Okay so the past few months I’ve had a daily dose or two of some Starbucks tea. While my friend would order a green tea with raspberry syrup and lemonade, I opted for an unsweetened iced green tea. Eventually I started ordering it with no “H2O” to make it stronger.

Just today my friend decided to try making her raspberry tea at home and purchased an entire bottle of the Starbucks raspberry syrup from Starbucks. Lol. I read the ingredients and freaked out. I knew it was bad, that’s why I didn’t get it in my order prior. But now I was confirming how bad it was. First ingredient read: sugar- and it got worse. Red dye, potassium sorbate, and more long multisyllabic words I only recognized as chemicals. It sounded more like a bathroom cleaner product than “food”. It’s not only Starbucks with such, but whenever you purchase drinks from restaurants you need to be wary. 

Anyway….the competition went on. We used my usual organic green tea from home, and made an entire jug. After it cooled down she added lemonade and raspberry syrup, creating the ultimate same old drink.

I took on a different role. I squeezed fresh lime and lemon and added it to my tea. Then an idea hit me. I opened the freezer and grabbed bag of my frozen organic raspberries. I smashed them in a sandwich bag and threw them in my tea. I “shake the bottle” well since at Starbucks they are known as “Shaken ice tea” since they literally shake them well.

Point is, I loved my tea and was impressed. I couldn’t tell a difference in the color between the two. Other than the pieces in the bottom of my cup, which I enjoyed coming up the straw, they were twins.


Sure here’s the recipe.

2 cups organic green tea brewed

Water as you prefer

Ice cubes

¼- 1/3 cup fresh lemon or lime juice

¾ cup smashed frozen raspberries


Brew the tea and add it with the water, lemon juice, water, and raspberries. Shake well. Add the ice. Enjoy.

*If you dislike little raspberry bites floating in your cup you could sift it. 

My tea :) Unsweetened Organic Green Tea, fresh lemon and lime, and organic raspberries.

My tea 🙂
Unsweetened Organic Green Tea, fresh lemon and lime, and organic raspberries.

Can you tell which is which? ;)

Can you tell which is which? 😉

Read your ingredients my friend!

Read your ingredients my friend!

Extra raspberries and floating limes...

Extra raspberries and floating limes…

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