About Noor Salem

I give props to my mother for giving me skills of the kitchen! I enjoy baking and cooking healthy food, and best of all sharing my food with friends and family. I’ve helped coach friends and family with a new lifestyle, and started this blog 3 years ago while still a student at the University of Michigan. I’m now officially a Certified Holistic Health Coach. On the side I am a health columnist, chef, amateur photographer, certified holistic health coach, and runner. In my free time, I enjoy reading beneficial books and seeking knowledge. I am now the CEO of Holistic Noortriton, LLC. Visit my web at www.holisticnoortrition.com

I currently run a weekly health advice column with the TMO newspaper that I’ve been reporting for awhile now. I believe food is delicious natural medicine, and it tastes even better when you know it’s good for you. 😉

I don’t believe in “low-fat”, “sugar-free” and “low-calorie” food. Food is meant to be energy for us, and calories are energy. Taking these  calories out of food and replacing them with tons of science lab made chemicals to maintain texture, freshness, and preservation takes our food and makes it hazardous. We see these foods growing on the supermarket shelves, parallel to the obesity and “diabesity” epidemic in the country.

I also enjoy making healthy versions of comfort foods.* Eating healthy is essential, and no one said you can’t enjoy brownies while trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You just have to learn to alter your brownie ingredients in order to incorporate them into your diet, even as a daily treat! Using organic coconut palm sugar or raw honey are wonderful replacements for sugar. They are low on the glycemic index and won’t cause you to crash or have a sugar rush. Replacing “flour” bases with beans in brownies is a magical way of giving them that gooey brownie texture, and fudgy taste. I love tossing in black seeds, and organic raw honey to increase the nutritional value of this extraordinary brownie dessert.

Black Bean Brownies are boosted with fiber, protein, and vitamins. They are lower in fat, have no added sugar, and over all calories than almost any brownie that has come to exist. Play around with the recipe and see what you can come up with! Tossing in nuts can give a great crunch!

I hope you enjoy these recipes!

P.S: Not all my brownie recipes contain beans. 😉



Noor Salem, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Website: http://www.holisticnoortrition.com

Email: contact@holisticnoortriton.com


Noor's famous sunnah-full black bean brownies.

Noor’s famous sunnah-full black bean brownies. Topped with almond butter swirl.



Noor's Black Bean Brownies :)

Noor’s Black Bean Brownies 🙂 With cashew butter swirl and dark raw cocoa base.


Noor's Clean Black Bean Brownie w/ Sunnah "Caramel" Drizzle

Noor’s Clean Black Bean Brownie w/ Sunnah “Caramel” Drizzle


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